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Gunbower Primary School 2231







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Brief History:


The Education department approved the opening of a school at Gunbower in 1878, known as Taylor’s Creek School.  The building was shifted from Torrumbarry and reconstructed at a cost of Thirty One Pounds, Sixteen shillings and sixpence!  The school worked on a half time basis with the Box Creek School.  By 1884 the attendance had increased to 49 students.  Pressure was put on the education department by the head teacher at the time requesting a more suitable building to be erected.As a consequence a new building measuring 24ft x 18ft was built on the present site in 1989.


 Forty years later attendance was such that 100 children were crowded into a one room school originally designed for 50 pupils.  After a long battle with the Department a new room was built in 1928.  For a short period before this date senior grades were taught in the supper room of the Memorial Hall.


In 2010 the entire school was rebuilt by funding from the Federal Governments economic stimulus plan.


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