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Gum Lagoon


Gum Lagoon is a 33 ha wetland located approximately one and a half kilometeres north of Gunbower.  The lagoon is a natural billabong.  The northern end of the lagoon has a number of swampy islands. 

Gum Lagoon is characterised by open water. The lagoon provides good habitat for many waterbirds, and in particular the southern end supports an active Ibis Rookery comprising Australian White Ibis, Straw -necked Ibis and Glossy Ibis, a migratory species listed under the China and Australia Migratory Bird Agreement (CAMBA) and the Bonn Convention. Ref: VBA, Australian Ecosystems, 2013 and Austral, 2013.

Other Bird species, reptiles and Amphibians recorded at Gum Lagoon:

Azure Kingfisher, Easter, Great Egret, Brown Tree Creeper, Periguin Falcon, Whistling Kites.

Freshwater Catfish, Un-specked Hardyhead, Broad-shelled Turtle, Murray River Turtle,

Common Long-necked Turtle and Platypus.

Turtles lay there eggs in the adjacent sand hills. Turtle nesting season is between April and May.


White Ibis - Three or more nests can be found on a single tree stump


Large flocks of Pelican come in winter to feed in Gum Lagoon


Sunset over Gum Lagoon


Turners Lagoon


Turners Lagoon has extensive complex habitat. The lagoon supports a range of Native Fish, Murray Darling Rainbowfish, Flathead Gungeon, Carp Gungeon and the Endangered Freshwater Catfish.  Three species of Turtle, Common long necked, Murry River Turtle and the Vunerable Broad Shelled Turtle.

Bird species include, Purple Swamp Hen, Australian wood duck, Black Swans, Black Tailed Hens and the Endangerd White-bellied sea-eagle.


Turners Lagoon


Black Swan family on Turners Lagoon


Pelecan on Turners Lagoon


Black Tailed Hens on Turners Lagoon


Juvenile Whistling Kites


Splatts Lagoon


Splatts Lagoon provides habitat for a range of species, Native fish-Flathead Gudeon, Carp Gudeon, Australian Smelt. Frogs- Peron's Tree frog, Barking Marsh frogs.  Turtles- Broad-shell and common Long Necked.  A number of bird species-Whistling Kite, Nankeen Night Heron, Azure Kingfisher, Black cormorants, Pied cormorants and Darters.


Black Cormorants on Splatts Lagoon


Goanna on Turner Lagoon


Longmore Lagoon


Longmore Lagoon is a large, wide water body with a large amount of standing timber.  Turtle species include Broad-shelled turtles, Common long-necked turtles and Murray river turtles.  Lace Goannas are common and known to raid turtle nests to feed on turtle eggs.  Peron's tree frog, Barking marsh frog and Spotted marsh frogcalls have been recorded.  The Lagoon supports an Ibis Rookery.  Other birds species include, Kites, Reed warblers, Swans ands Australian Shell Duck.


Murray River Turtle


Juvenile Black Swans on Longmore Lagoon


Black Shouldered Hovering Kite Longmore Lagoon