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 Gunbower Island Forest & Wetlands and the Northern Plains Grasslands provide habitat for many bird species including those that migrate here from the Northern Hemisphere.

Over 70% of Natural Vegetation in Victoria has been lost since European settlement due to land clearing leaving vegetation suitable for habitat fragmented.

If we don’t take steps to address our impacts on the natural environment, we lose the diversity of native species, habitats and ecosystems that are needed to maintain a healthy natural environment.

Gunbower Island Forest Wetlands was listed as a wetland of significance in 1974 under the RAMSAR convention and in  2010 8892ha of Gunbower Island was proclaimed a National Park to protect the Red Gum and Box wood Forests.

Terrick Terrick National Park, due west of Gunbower  protects remnant  Northern Plains Grasslands (endangered) and stands of White Cypress pines on the granite out crops at Mount Terrick Terrick.  The management of these sites are crucial to sustaining many threatened, endangered and critically endangered fauna species, some unique to this area.  It is hoped that this web page will help the local and wider community gain a better appreciation of birds and support us in our aim to preserve habitat so they will still be here for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.


Native Birds of Gunbower Brochure